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Common Medical Expense Reimbursement Request - Reimbursable under your VEBA Health Savings Plan & Medical Flex Plan

This is a summary of eligible and reimbursable expenses that is not intended to provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with a competent tax advisor or legal counsel. Also see IRS Publications for a complete listing.

* Dual-purpose (DP) items require a doctor’s diagnosis of a medical condition and evidence that the item is recommended to treat the diagnosed condition. You must complete a Letter of Medical Necessity in order to be reimbursed.

Expenses Eligible?
Acne treatment (Retin A)No, unless treating a specific medical condition such as acne vulgaris
AcupunctureYes, if treating a medical condition
Administrative costsGenerally no, as they are not for medical care
Adoption – medical expenses incurred before adoption is finalizedYes, if child was legal dependent when services provided
Advanced reimbursementsNo
Alcoholism treatmentYes, for inpatient treatment (including meals and lodging) at a center for alcohol addiction
Allergy medicineYes, requires prescription by physician
AntacidYes, requires prescription by physician
AntihistamineYes, requires prescription by physician
Artificial limbs and teethYes
AspirinYes, requires prescription by physician
Babysitting and child careNo
BactineYes, requires prescription by physician
Birth control pillsYes
Birthing classes / Childbirth classes / LamazeYes, if classes relate to child birth and not child rearing. Expenses for coach (or doula) or significant other are not eligible
Blood pressure monitoring deviceYes
Blood sugar test kit and test stripsYes
Body scanYes
Braille books and magazinesYes, for visually-impaired person, but only the amount above cost of regular printed material
Breast pumpYes
Breast reconstruction surgery following mastectomyYes if mastectomy was done following cancer
Calamine lotionYes, requires prescription by physician
Carpal tunnel wrist supportsYes
Chelation therapyYes, if used to treat medical condition such as lead poisoning
Childbirth classesSee Lamaze
CondroitinYes if used to treat medical condition and not just for general health DP*
ClaritinYes, requires prescription by physician
COBRA premiumsYes, VHSP plan only.
Co-insurance amounts and deductiblesYes
Cold medicineYes, requires prescription by physician
Cold packs/hot packsYes
Contact lenses, related materials & equipmentYes, if the lenses are needed for medical reasons.
ContraceptivesYes, requires prescription by physician
CosmeticsNo, including face cream, deodorant, hand lotion, or any other item used for ordinary cosmetic purposes
Cosmetic procedures or surgeryNo, except for amounts paid for surgery necessary to improve a deformity arising from a congenital abnormality, personal injury from an accident or trauma, or a disfiguring disease
Cough suppressantsYes, requires prescription by physician
CounselingYes, for medical reason. No for marriage counseling
CrutchesYes, for rental or purchase
DecongestantsYes, requires prescription by physician
DeductiblesGenerally yes, see co-insurance & deductibles
Dental treatmentsYes, see restrictions for orthodontia, teeth whitening and bleaching
Dentures and denture adhesivesYes
Dependent daycare expensesNo - See Common Dependent Care Reimbursement Requests
Diabetic suppliesYes. See Glucose monitoring devices and insulin
Diapers or diaper serviceNo, except may be reimbursable where used to relieve the effects of a particular disease
Diaper rash ointments and creamsYes, requires prescription by physician
Diagnostic servicesYes
Diarrhea medicineYes, requires prescription by physician
Dietary supplementsNo for general health (including nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbal supplements and natural medicines) but may be reimbursable if recommended by medical practitioner to treat specific medical condition.
DNA collection and storageGenerally no, but temporary storage may be reimbursable if collected as part of a diagnosis, treatment or prevention of existing or imminent medical condition
Drug addiction treatmentYes, for inpatient treatment (includes meals and lodging) at therapeutic drug center
Drug overdose treatmentYes
Drugs and medicinesYes, if legally obtained and generally accepted as prescription medicines and drugs and if treating a medical condition.
Ear plugsYes if treating medical condition
Egg donor feesYes
Eggs and embryos, storage feesMaybe, with respect to temporary storage, but only to the extent necessary for immediate conception
Electrolysis or hair removalGenerally no
Eye examinations, eyeglasses and related equipment and materialsYes, amounts paid for eyeglasses and lenses prescribed by doctor for medical reasons, eye examinations and eyeglass cleaners are eligible
Face creams, moisturizers and face liftsNo, because usually cosmetic
Feminine hygiene products (tampons, etc.)Generally no DP*
Fertility enhancement (e.g. treatments, surgery, GIFT, IVF, etc.)Yes, to extent procedures are intended to overcome an inability to have children. Expenses for in vitro surrogate not deductible unless the surrogate is a tax dependent.
Fiber supplementsNo if taken as a supplement to normal diet. Yes, under narrow conditions if recommended by medical practitioner to treat specific medical condition
First aid kitsYes
Fitness programsOnly if prescribed by doctor for treatment of obesity or other medical condition
Flu shotsYes
Funeral expensesNo
Gauze padsYes
Genetic testingA gray area. Yes, if for determination of possible birth defects, no if for sex determination
GlucosamineYes if primarily for medical care
Glucose monitoring equipmentYes, blood glucose meters and test strips for diagnostic purposes
Guide dog or other animal aideYes, includes expenses related to purchase, training and care of animal used by vision-impaired or hearing-impaired person
Hair removal /hair transplantNo, usually cosmetic
Health club dues and feesNo for general health purposes, but may be allowed if prescribed by a doctor to treat a specific medical condition
Hearing aidsYes, includes cost of hearing aid and batteries
Hemorrhoid treatmentsYes, requires prescription by physician
Home careYes, if expenses qualify as nursing services. No if for long term care
Hormone replacement therapyYes if used primarily for medical care
Hospital servicesYes
Illegal operations or treatmentsNo
Incontinence suppliesPossibly, if used to relieve the effects of a particular disease
Infertility treatmentsSee Fertility Enhancements
Insect bite creams and ointmentsYes, requires prescription by physician
Insurance premiumsYes, VHSP plan only.
In vitro fertilizationSee Fertility Enhancements
Lab feesYes, if part of medical care
Lamaze classesMay be partially reimbursable, to the extent that the instruction relates to birth and not child rearing. Amounts for the coach or significant other are not reimbursable.
Language training for dyslexic/ disabled childYes
Laser / Lasik eye surgery / Radial KeratotomyYes, if for correction of eye function
LaxativesYes, requires prescription by physician
Learning disabilityYes, expenses for special school or specially trained teacher (prescribed by doctor) for a child who has severe learning disability caused by mental or physical impairment
Lodging at hospital or similar institutionYes if there to receive medical care
Lodging not at hospital or similar institutionYes, up to $50/night, provided: (1) lodging is primarily for and essential to medical care, (2) medical care is provided in a hospital or medical facility related to or equivalent to licensed hospital (3) lodging is not lavish (4) no element of personal p
Lodging while attending medical conferenceNo
Long term care insurance premiumsYes, VHSP plan only. Subject to qualified deductibility limits.
Long term care servicesGenerally no
Marijuana or other controlled substancesNo, even if legal in certain states
Massage therapyNo, unless prescribed by a doctor to treat medical condition related to trauma or injury
Mastectomy-related special brasNo, unless prescribed for mental health treatment
Medic-alert bracelet or necklaceYes, if recommended by a medical practitioner in connection with treating a medical condition
Medical conference admission & transportationYes
Medical monitoring and testing devicesYes, including blood pressure monitors, syringes, glucose kit, etc.
Medical records charges (to transfer records to new practitioner)Yes
Medical servicesYes if legal medical service is recommended by physician, surgeon, specialist or other medical practitioner
Medicare Part B premiumsYes, VHSP plan only.
Medicare Part D premiumsYes, VHSP plan only.
Medicare Advantage premiumsYes, VHSP plan only.
Medicare supplement insurance premiumsYes, VHSP plan only.
Medicines & drugsYes. See Drugs & medicines.
Mileage for medical servicesYes, cents per mile driven for medical services as determined annually by the IRS. NOTE: Automatically calculated if using online claims filing.
Motion sickness pillsYes, requires prescription by physician
Nasal/Sinus sprays or stripsYes, requires prescription by physician
Naturopathic healers, dietary substitutes and drugs and medicinesGenerally no
Nicotine gum or patchesYes, requires prescription by physician
Norplant insertion or removalYes. See contraceptives; birth-control pills; vasectomy and spermidical foam
Nursing home expensesPossibly reimbursable if main reason for being there is to get medical care.
Nursing services provided by nurse or other attendantYes, so long as services are of a kind generally performed by a nurse.
Nursing services for a babyNo if baby is normal and healthy
Nutritionist’s professional expensesPossibly. if treatment relates to a specifically diagnoses medical condition
Nutritional supplementsNo if merely beneficial for general health, but possibly reimbursable if recommended by a medical practitioner for a specific medical condition
Obstetrical expensesYes
Occlusal guards to prevent teeth grindingYes
OptometristGenerally yes
Organ donorsSee Transplants
OrthodontiaGenerally yes, unless for cosmetic purposes
Orthopedic shoes and insertsYes to the extent they exceed cost of regular shoes
Over-the-counter medicinesSee Drugs and Medicines. Most OTC medicines are no longer be eligible after 12/31/10 unless prescibed by a physician
Ovulation monitorYes
Pain relieversYes, requires prescription by physician
Patterning exercisesYes, for exercises to a mentally retarded child
Physical examsYes, if not employment-related
Physical therapyYes, to treat specific medical condition
Pregnancy test kitsYes
Prenatal vitaminsGenerally yes
PropeciaGenerally no, if purchased for cosmetic purposes
Psychiatric careYes if for medical care
Psychoanalysis or psychologistYes, if for medical care and not just for the general improvement of mental health, relief of stress, etc.
Retiree medical, dental and vision insurance premiumsYes, VHSP plan only.
Retin ANo, unless treating a specific medical condition such as acne vulgaris
Safety glassesNo, unless prescription lenses
Schools and education, residentialPossibly, if the school or program is to treat behavioral, emotional and/or addictive conditions if the primary purpose of the program is medical care
Schools and education, specialPossibly, if the main reason for using the school is its resources for relieving the disability of a mentally-impaired or physically-disabled person. Includes Braille, lip-reading and remedial language training. No if the main purpose of school is discipl
Screening testsYes if used for medical diagnosis
Sleep aids used to treat occassional insomniaYes, requires prescription by physician
Smoking cessation programYes, including both prescription and over the counter drugs and medicines
Special foods (such as foods needed for a gluten-free or salt-free diet)Yes, if prescribed by a physician to treat a specific illness or ailment and is not a substitute for normal nutritional requirements. Reimbursement is limited to the difference between the cost of special food and the cost of commonly available regular fo
Spermicidal foamYes, requires prescription by physician
Sperm, storage feesMaybe, for temporary storage but only to the extent necessary for immediate conception
Sterilization proceduresYes if legally-performed operation
Stop-smoking programGenerally, yes
SunglassesYes, if they are prescription lenses
SunscreenNo, unless person has a prior history of skin cancer and would not have bought sunscreen “but for” medical condition
Suntan lotionNo
Supplies to treat medical conditionYes, if used to diagnose or treat a specific medical condition and is not a personal comfort item
Surrogate expensesGenerally no even if for medical care of surrogate or unborn child.
Taxes on medical services and productsYes, to the extent imposed on reimbursable medical care or products.
Teeth whitening and bleachingNo
Telephone equipment for hearing impaired personsYes, for expenses of buying and repairing special telephone equipment for hearing-impaired person
Television equipment for hearing impaired personsYes, but reimbursable amount is limited to the cost that exceeds cost of regular item
Toothache and teething pain relieversYes
Toothbrushes or ToothpasteNo, even if dentist recommends special ones to treat medical condition
TransplantsYes, for surgical, hospital and labor services and transportation expenses for donors
Transportation to and from medical conferenceYes, for admission and transportation expenses to a medical conference relating to the chronic disease of the individual’s dependent (meals and lodging are not eligible)
Transportation and related travel expenses for person receiving medical careYes, if travel is primarily for, and essential to, medical care. Includes parking fees and tolls. Car mileage is reimbursed at the current rate set by the IRS each year
ViagraYes, to treat medical condition
VitaminsNo, to promote general good health. Eligible if legal and recommended by medical practitioner to treat a specific medical condition
Weight loss programs and/or drugs prescribed to induce weight lossYes, if prescribed by doctor to treat obesity or other medical condition
X-ray feesYes, if received for medical reasons
Advance payment of day care expenseNo
After-school care or extended day programs (supervised activities for children after the regular school program)Yes, these programs are generally custodial in nature and its primary purpose is care for children while their parents work
Au pair expensesYes, but not airfare or other fixed costs
Child of participant, amounts paid to for child careNo, unless child is age 19 or older and cannot be claimed as a dependent of the participant or participant’s spouse
CookGenerally no, except where attributable in part to child care
Dependent care center expenseYes, provided they meet requirements of Code § 21(b)(2)(C)
Disabled spouse or tax dependent that lives outside of householdNo, they must regularly spend at least 8 hours per day in the employee’s household
Educational expenses - first grade and aboveNo, educational expenses are not considered expenses for care
Educational expenses - kindergartenNo, expenses are considered educational in nature and not custodial (regardless of half- or full-day, private or public, state mandated or voluntary)
Educational expenses - pre-kindergarten or nursery schoolYes, since care is primarily custodial in nature
Elder care / assisted living / custodial care / long term care / nursing homeOnly if such expenses are not attributable to medical services and the qualifying individual spends at least 8 hours per day in the participant’s household
FICA and FUTA taxes of day care providerYes
Food expensesNo, if charged separately from dependent care expense
Household services, e.g., housekeeper, maid, cookGenerally no, except where attributable in part to child care
Incidental expenses - e.g., extra charges for diaper changing, special activities, etc.No, if charged separately from dependent care expense
Looking for work - dependent care expenses incurred to enable participant to look for workYes
MaidGenerally no, except where attributable in part to child care
Nanny expensesYes, to the extent the expense is attributable to dependent care expenses and expenses of household services attributable in part to care of qualifying individual
Overnight campNo
Registration fees for careNo, most fees do not go toward the care of a qualifying individual
Relative of a participant, expenses paid to for child care (e.g. parent or grandparent of participant)Yes, unless the relative is a tax dependent of the participant or child under age 19
Sick-child facilityYes, if they are incurred to enable partici-pant to go to work when the child is ill
Sick employee (care for dependent when the participant stays home sick)No
Summer day-campYes, to the extent attributable to dependent care (should be custodial in nature and not educational)
Transportation expensesNo, if charged separately from dependent care expense
Volunteer work - expenses incurred to enable participant to volunteerNo, if the volunteer work is unpaid work or for nominal pay
First aid creamYes, requires prescription by physician
AntiidiarrheaYes, requires prescription by physician
Cough dropsYes, requires prescription by physician
Hemorrhoid medicationYes, requires prescription by physician
Liquid adhesive for small cutsYes, requires prescription by physician
Menstural cycle products for pain and cramp reliefYes, requires prescription by physician
Pedialyte for ill child dehydrationYes, requires prescription by physician
Sinus medicationsYes, requires prescription by physician
Sunburn ointment or creamYes, requires prescription by physician
Wart remover treatmentsYes, requires prescription by physician
Reading glassesYes
Rubbing alcoholYes